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Woman suffering from headaches

Blood Pressure Headaches Atheriosclerosis

Hi there,

Regarding poor health care cases, there is my wife’s story –

She started to get very bad headaches around her mid-twenties. She really suffered. Of course, she went to doctors who really gave no answers other than the wrong ones – sinus, hormonal. The headaches continued for around ten years about once a month for a few days at a time. Pain killers were useless. She is a brave girl and I watched what she went through. After about ten years a doctor finally took her blood pressure – shy high, stroke material. She was put on blood pressure pills which worked although the dosage had to be gradually increased. The pills had some side effects. We knew they were harmful but still better than the headaches. They certainly changed her personality. She was pretty hard to live with. This continued for about another 10 years.

Then the miracle – I got some junk mail from a Dr. McDougall in the USA about the benefits of a plant-based diet. I thought we should at least try it. I had to convince my wife but, finally, we purchased a recipe book from Dr. McDougall and went plant-based. Three weeks after we changed our diet my wife was in the chemist getting her blood pressure pills and the pharmacist suggested he take her blood pressure. It was normal. No pills or blood pressure since.

Our two children and I also benefited from the diet. I think I had signs (although not actually diagnosed) that my carotid arteries were somewhat blocked. They are completely clear now (they were tested about 5 years ago). The nurse, when I asked what atherosclerosis looks like, said ” You won’t find any here, it’s about as good as it gets”.

I have my own sad story about medical mistreatment which I’ll send you sometime. People treat doctors like gods. We don’t trust them at all. We would have to be pretty sick or badly injured to go to one. I have taken up the case of Lifestyle medicine. I’m actually trying to write a book about it.

Best regards,
John Taylor