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Porkert Manual Wheatgrass / Cannabis Juicer

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Ever Since Our Founding in 1985, Hippocrates Health Centre of Australia Have Used and Recommended the Porkert Manual Wheatgrass Juicer for Juicing Wheatgrass. We Have Consistently Refused to Recommend Any Other "Wheatgrass Juicers". Why?

  • The Porkert turns very slowly (powered by your arm), thereby extracting abundant natural goodness from wheatgrass, green leafy vegetables and other fruits and vegetables.
  • The Porkert makes delicious crunchy, spreadable butters from soaked seeds and nuts.
  • The Porkert purees fruits and vegetables quickly.
  • The Porkert cleans in seconds.
  • The Porkert is cast iron rust-resistant manufacture.
  • The Porkert is manufactured in the Czech Republic.  Weight: 3 kg.
  • The Porkert is completely guaranteed for one year. 
  • The Porkert includes FREE step-by-step wheatgrass growing instructions. (Wheatgrass is GLUTEN-FREE.)


So-called “Hippocrates Juicers” are now being sold in Australia. For numerous reasons, Hippocrates Health Centre of Australia have never sold or recommended these juicers. In addition, overpriced “Hippocrates Wheatgrass Planting Kits” are also being sold. Likewise, Hippocrates Health Centre of Australia have never sold or recommended these “Kits”.

We likewise advise against consumption of wheatgrass juice derived from hydroponically-grown wheatgrass. (It's quite weak and inferior.) How can you know that it’s hydroponic? Simply examine the root system of the grass. If you don’t see soil, it’s not properly grown wheatgrass.

Why are so many “trendy” juice bars selling this low-quality product? The answer: cost savings. It’s easier to grow and less weight to transport.

And -- the Porkert's cast iron strength and slow turning speed are ideal for juicing cannabis leaves, as well.  By juicing cannabis SLOWLY, you can extract all of its nutrients and experience a multitude of health benefits -- without the well-known  "high" caused by smoking or cooking cannabis.  (For more information about cannabis health benefits, see our daily CANNABIS NEWS.)

Sales price: $ 198.00
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