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Dr. Ann Wigmore's Living Foods Lifestyle ®

Are you suffering from Allergies, Depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Addictions, Candida, or other more serious health problems? These are among the many symptoms that over 90% of society is now facing. All of these symptoms can be directly linked to serious digestive problems that create deficiencies in the body.

Deficiency, as well as toxicity, can be seen as the two causes of all disease. A deficiency of enzymes is perhaps the biggest health problem that now exists. The Living Foods Lifestyle supplies all the missing elements, especially enzymes, that the body needs in order to overcome deficiencies and get back to total health.

Dr. Ann Wigmore taught for decades that all disease is caused by deficiency and toxemia. Having given her own body the means to overcome cancer, Ann Wigmore is living proof that there is no need to suffer from disease when we have been given the tools of Nature. Thousands have reversed debilitating diseases and regained health through her teachings.

Sales price: $ 27.00
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