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Drug Expiration Dates: Do They Matter?

You should never take a prescribed drug that has passed its expiration date, right? After all, it's probably completely ineffective. And it might even be toxic. If you're nodding your head right now, I have some news for you. Expiration dates mean little to nothing. Here's why.

Potatoes Can Raise Blood Pressure

Do you think it's possible to eat too many vegetables? For most vegetables, we would say no. But vegetables high in carbohydrates might be the exception. Particularly if you're worried about developing hypertension.

Mercury Fillings Caused My Sugar Craving?

I lost my sugar craving overnight! It's no secret that I loved sweet foods. You could almost call it an addiction. I would almost always have a vegan dessert when eating out, and at home I would often have a box of Chocolunce vegan biscuits or some Sweet William vegan…

Nuts for Your Health

People often assume that in order to lead healthier lifestyles, they need to quit snacking. But according to a new study, snacking could actually reduce your risk of a number of diseases and of premature death. You just have to snack on the right thing.
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