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Leaky Gut Syndrome Causes Depression?

There are many causes of depression. Hormone deficiencies, neurotransmitter imbalances, sugar addiction, and nutritional imbalances are the most common. But there's another cause of depression that most aren't aware of -- even though the evidence goes back almost a century.

Do Expiration Dates on Health Products Mean Anything?

We've advised you about the process behind determining expiration dates for drugs. It turns out that the "expiration" date may not mean very much. It just indicates that the manufacturer is willing to guarantee that the drug will still be potent until that date. Many drugs last a lot longer…

Nuts for Your Health

People often assume that in order to lead healthier lifestyles, they need to quit snacking. But according to a new study, snacking could actually reduce your risk of a number of diseases and of premature death. You just have to snack on the right thing.

Drug Expiration Dates: Do They Matter?

You should never take a prescribed drug that has passed its expiration date, right? After all, it's probably completely ineffective. And it might even be toxic. If you're nodding your head right now, I have some news for you. Expiration dates mean little to nothing. Here's why.
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